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What is a Lifekeys Partner Church?

Many organisations use Lifekeys programs as a means of helping people in their community and in their own organisations. Network and Partner organisations of Careforce Lifekeys are also willing to assist other organisations who are interested in implementing Lifekeys or feel they cannot start on their own.

A Careforce Lifekeys Partner and Network Organisation is one that:

  • Believes Lifekeys programs can play a key role in enabling people to deal with the issues they struggle with in life by challenging and equipping both wounded and healthy people, to live the fullest life possible.
  • Agrees with and adheres to the Careforce Policy, Procedures and Protocols regarding the running of Lifekeys programs and has signed the Careforce Lifekeys License agreement.
  • Agrees to use Lifekeys as part of their plan to help people maximise their potential in life.
  • Run Lifekeys programs regularly throughout the year
  • Will allow people from outside their own organisation to participate in the Lifekeys programs they run.
  • Using the latest versions of any Lifekeys Programs being run.
  • Has established Lifekeys in their church and consistently runs the Lifekeys Programs

The Additional Requirements for a Partner include:

  • The organisation must have a website and be on email.
  • The organization must publish the Lifekeys programs they are running on their website. 

The Requirements of Careforce Lifekeys to a Partner and Network Organisation include:

  • The Network organisations ‘key’ contact person’s details will be included on the Lifekeys website.
  • The Partner organisations website will be included on the Lifekeys website.
  • We will recommend the Partner and Network Organisations to those who are interested in attending a Lifekeys program living in the surrounding areas.
  • The Partner and Network Organisations will receive discounts on all purchases of Lifekeys products.   The discounts as of July 1st 2007 will be: 3% for Network organizations and 6% for Partner organizations.  These discounts are subject to change without notice.

Helping our local communities find Christ through their brokenness remains one of the greatest untapped evangelistic tools available to the church today.

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