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The Founder of Lifekeys

Helen Meyer

helen.jpgHelen was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.  Her childhood years were profoundly impacted by the death of her mother, family separation and her father's struggle with chemical dependency.  Her story of meeting Jesus at the age of 4 whilst being raised in an unchurched family demonstrates how profoundly He cares for people.

It was at senior high school that Helen first met Allan and they married in the following year. Both began their teaching careers: Helen as a primary teacher and then later as a high school teacher and curriculum co-ordinator.  This ultimately led to them opening their home to students on Friday nights and over the next 5 years many students came to know Jesus.  This was a busy time with the added excitement of the arrival of 4 of their own children.

Allan and Helen were appointed as the Senior Pastors of Careforce Church Mt Evelyn (formerly known as Mt Evelyn Christian Fellowship) in 1983. Later Helen took on the role of Small Group Pastor in the life of the church, developing and training leaders.

In 1989, during a speaking tour of the USA, Helen witnessed how small groups could be used effectively as a teaching mechanism to bring health and wholeness to the lives of people.  After returning to Australia some financial miracles and other intersecting events occurred and from these Careforce Lifekeys was born!

Helen spearheaded the development of Careforce Lifekeys and co-authored the Lifekeys Facilitator Training program, which has established Lifekeys in 2300+ churches, in over twenty countries all around the world. In Helen's capacity as Director & Co-Founder of Lifekeys she has developed and in some cases, authored, many of the Lifekeys programs.

It is Helen's desire to stay at the cutting edge of the latest research and best practice in the people healing field.  In addition to her teaching qualifications, she has a Graduate Diploma in Human Relations, a Masters in Education and a Masters in Counselling.  She completed her Masters in Sexual Health at Sydney University in 2017.

In January 2009, after 26 years of leading Careforce Church, Mt Evelyn, and growing the church to the largest in the Church of Christ denomination in Australia, Allan and Helen stepped out from their roles of Senior Pastors.  They have been released to travel and speak focusing on the ministry of Lifekeys both in Australia and internationally.

Helen spends her time as Director of Lifekeys, developing programs, and speaking in churches and conferences in Australia and around the world.  Helen is a gifted preacher and teacher and speaks with passion on healing and wholeness and living the best life that God intended for us. 

Allan Meyer

allan.jpgAllan Meyer was born and raised in the Lutheran Church in Melbourne, Australia.  At the age of 19 while studying Economics and Politics at Monash University and preparing for a career as a Secondary School Teacher he had a dramatic encounter with God and was called into the Ministry - a call that he had no desire to obey!

He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and a Diploma in Education and entered the teaching profession at Lilydale High School in Melbourne in 1970.  It was at this High School that the call of God was to find its place in his life.  The increasingly self-destructive and meaningless lifestyles of many of the Australian young people he was teaching provoked him to emerge from the closet as a Christian and thrust the claims of Jesus before the student body.  He and his wife, Helen, opened their home to the students on Friday nights and a minor revival broke out in the life of the school.  Many of the young people of that school found Christ through that outreach, some of whom are now serving in full-time Ministry in churches throughout Australia.  Allan served as a teacher in that school for seven years until the burden of the call to ministry stirred him to resign and enter Bible College in 1977.

During that year of Bible College a large Pentecostal Church (Life Ministry Centre under the leadership of Ps Hal Oxley) called him to become their first Youth Pastor.  Here he served for the next 5 years as part of the ministry team of that influential church in Melbourne - the whole of that time of ministry being spent pastoring, counselling and shepherding the Youth of both the church and Oxley College, the school established by Life Ministry Centre.

In 1983 Allan received a call from a local charismatic Church of Christ, Mount Evelyn Christian Fellowship, to become their Pastor.  The church was renamed Careforce Church Mt Evelyn in 2003.  Over the years the church increased to the place where it is home to around 2500 people.

In 1992 Allan, together with his wife, Helen, established Careforce Lifekeys (formerly known as Careforce Recovery Ministries), a Ministry that releases healing, discipleship and evangelism in more than 2300 churches and organisations in over twenty countries around the world.

Allan concluded his doctorate with Denver Seminary in 2005.  His project produced a new program to restore and fortify the moral and spiritual integrity of men.  This program for the sexual discipleship of men is known as Valiant Man.

In January 2009, after leading Careforce Church for 26 years, Dr Allan Meyer stepped into a role which allows him to focus on his primary passion - advocating the world changing Lifekeys ministry and preaching the biblical themes and insights that have touched lives through the Lifekeys ministry all over the world.

Allan is the author of many manuals and teaching programs.  His latest book is "From Good Man to Valiant Man".

Helping our local communities find Christ through their brokenness remains one of the greatest untapped evangelistic tools available to the church today.

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