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Understanding Your Valiant Man


Participant Feedback

“Our relationship was already good but this program really helped us. We can talk about sexual intimacy matters now. It really helped improve communication in that area.”

“I understand my husband so much better now and how God made him. But I also understand my role – and how I can help him to be the man God wants him to be.”

“Wow! I learnt so much!!! Very enlightening!”

“This is the first time I’ve been able to share issues like this. It really helped.”

“I particularly loved the session for women only.”

"Participating in Understanding Your Valiant Man has played an incredibly big step in the healing of my sexuality. Although I have been a committed Christian for 33 years and first experienced inner healing 28 years ago, it wasn't until I began my journey with the Lifekeys programs that deep healing began to take place. My husband of 41 years had not done Valiant Man, but I was drawn to participate in UVM, thinking that it may help me in my struggle to be a more loving wife. So very much of my guilt and confusion concerning the pleasures of intimacy have been cancelled out and my only disappointment is that 40 years of my marriage have been starved of this pleasure both for myself and my husband. Thank you Lifekeys. I have now completed all programs."


Understanding Your Valiant Man

Many women want to understand the men in their lives. Understanding Your Valiant Man has been developed for women; a companion program to the Valiant Man program which is designed to provide men with an empowering experience of sexual discipleship. This program allows the women to see and understand the journey the men involved in the program are taking.  



Session Information

A Vision for Manhood

The aim of this session is to plant the seeds of vision for a better future, a vision for Valiant Manhood, while undertaking a rigorous moral inventory of current reality.


The Arena of Healing

The aim of this session is to assist women in understanding the attitudes of mind and heart necessary for growth and change to occur. It introduces the Arena of Healing and how adopting these attitudes can have a positive affect on their relationships with men.

The Sexual Man

The aim of this session is to understand and appreciate the physiological differences in men and women, particularily in the sexual arena; to give an understanding of the struggle men face in a highly sexualised environment;  explore ways that both men and women can enhance their sexual discipleship;  provide participants with information about the construction of male sexuality with a view to helping men normalise their experience of their own sexuality; and to help the women begin to appreciate the issues involved for men sucessfully managing male sexuality.


The Origin, Power and Purpose of Sex

The aim of this session is to provide women with an opportunity to listen to the theology of sex, as men are introduced to the deepest issues of their sexuality.  This goes beyond biology and psychology to the character of God and His ultimate purpose. It also provides women with an opportunity to see how the purposes of God apply to their own sexuality and need for intimacy.


The Cycle of Addiction

The aim of this session is to understand the cycle of addiction and explain it from a behavioural and bio-chemical point of view;  to be alert to issues of shame and guilt;  to note how this may be a factor in shaping our attitudes to our sexuality; and to understand how sex is intended to be a bonding experience.

The Understanding Man

The aim of this session is to give men and women insight into the differences between male and female sexuality with a view to men increasing their capacity to be understanding husbands and lovers.

Retraining Your Brain

This session teaches the biological, emotional and spiritual processes involved in renewing the mind. It provides an understanding of the intentional work that the men are undertaking in order to be more healthy and loving to the women in their world. It assists women to understand that sexual purity is not a male only issue and provides insight into the way our culture is reshaping and defining the sexuality of women. It provides an understanding of how thought processes are established in the brain with a view to learning a workable process for bringing thoughts under control.


Taking a Stand

The aim of this session to to assist women to understand the impact of sexually explicit material, to explore issues relating to intimacy, and to learn how to support men in the course as they receive ministry and consecrate themselves. The women, like the men, will be encouraged to take a stand against shame, fantasy, pornography and inappropriate sexual behaviours.

Guarding Your Heart

The aim of this session is to understand the commitment the men are making to "nourish" and "cherish" a wife, to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness for what a partner is, rather than what he is not, to understand that submission is not about domination but of mutual care and love, and to receive healing prayer.

For Women Only

The aim of this session is to provide a brief look at the key issues of female sexuality and suggest resources for accessing more detailed information, to underline the miracle of creation and the spiritual aspects of intimacy, to address sexuality in the bedroom and the art of love making, and to encourage women to understand their own physiology.


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