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Mastering Your Money





Mastering Your Money

Although effectively managing your income and expenditure is one of the most basic skills required for life, most people have had no education or discipleship on this vital subject from home, school or church.

Mastering Your Money is one of the most important elements involved in maintaining viable marriages and homes where parents raise stable families. Whether married or single, learning to budget with intelligence and discipline is the key for turning dreams about home ownership and living a life of generosity into a reality.

Mastering Your Money is also one of the most potent discipleship areas for engaging with God and growing in trust and obedience. This program gives biblical insight and practical how-to application. Studies have shown that 80% of those getting help from churches in financial management become part of the worshipping community.

A program designed to provide people with a sound approach to financial management.


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Session Information


Session 1 | Starting at the Beginning

You have to start from where you are.  Dr Meyer shares his life long experience both as a Commerce
Teacher and as a Pastor.   Introducing the first steps to financial control.

Session 2 | First Things First

Learning to close the circle of your finances with a well-constructed budget.  Learning the difference
between obligations, needs and wants.

Session 3 | Living Beyond Anxiety

This session answers the question:  How do I live in such a way as to "seek first His Kingdom?"  Learning
to align our financial management and goals with our responsibilities at our stage in life.

Session 4 | Building a Margin into your Life

Learning to create a "seed bag".  The seed bag can prove to be one of the most dynamic areas of your budget.
Learning how to manage well when income is predictable, and when income is not predictable.

Session 5 | Maximizing your Potential at every Life Stage

Every life stage is vital and different stages of life have different priorities.  It is essential to maximise
opportunities, looking beyond just the now, and continue the journey of financial mastery and life transformation.
Learn how to manage your budget, decrease expenses and increase income.



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