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Divorce Recovery


Divorce Recovery

Divorce is challenging and often overwhelming for those who find themselves having to negotiate a fractured relationship.

Through teaching and caring support this program aims to give participants an understanding of the divorce experience, provide a safe place to process grief and loss and find skills and courage to rebuild. Participants will commence the journey toward renewed strength, finding practical help and hope for the future. This program draws from research and best practice in the fields of psychology, sociology, education and theology.

It includes the life experiences and reflections of those who have been through divorce.



Session Information

Session 1

The Courage to Begin - The aim of this session is to help participants enter the program with confidence; that God understands divorce – having been through one Himself. The Arena of Healing is introduced, giving participants insight into the attitudes that will be necessary to see healing growth and change.

Session 2

Journeying Through Divorce - The aim of this session is assist the participant to understand the stages of divorce and identify where they are in their journey. It explores the range of emotional responses to divorce, looks at strategies for handling conflict and encourages participants to accept personal responsibility for growth.

Session 3

Counting the Cost - This session addresses aspects of grief and loss that surround the separation and divorce experience. Participants are supported as they explore the emotional and physiological effects of grief. For some it will be the first time they have spoken about the depth of their pain. Support from the teaching and others in the group will help participants learn how to live proactively.

Session 4

Rebuilding Your World - The experience of divorce is extremely damaging to the self. This session identifies the common human need for love, acceptance and value and provides life-changing insights.

Session 5

The Challenge of Forgiveness - Forgiveness is a challenging but pivotal issue. Stories of the journey of others will encourage participants.

Session 6

What About the Kids? - This session focuses on family dynamics, the security of the child, and provides practical tools and resources.

Session 7

New Relationships - This session addresses commonly held misbeliefs about re-marriage, readiness for re-marriage, the covenant of marriage and other vital issues.






Helping our local communities find Christ through their brokenness remains one of the greatest untapped evangelistic tools available to the church today.

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