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Search for Life


Participant Feedback 

'I've been a Christian for four years but feel only now through this course do I actually understand the Good News."

"I finally understand why I act the way I do!"

"A real eye opener! The re-awakening of the Holy Spirit's power in my life."

"Great! And to unchurched people it would come across as: Pastor, you're real and not false, I can stay and listen without feeling Bible-bashed, but not only that, I can see how much Jesus cares."


 Search for Life

Human beings are spectacular, puzzling, brilliant and broken.

Why do so many contradictions exist in our lives?

Everyone needs to understand the power of our internal cry for acceptance, value and belonging.   Everyone needs to understand the cause of our most basic struggles and find a solution to them.

Without insight and answers to the human dilemma individuals resort to inadequate and destructive patterns of behaviour to address feelings of low self esteem, inadequacy, emptiness and insecurity.  This program identifies the cause of so many human tensions and introduces participants to the healing power of truth in a caring and safe environment.

This program can also be a great follow on from the Alpha Program.

Note: Previous version Search for Life manuals are still available for purchase here


Search for Life Introduction


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Search for Life Testimonial - Rhonda Gardener


Session Information

Session 1 - Created

What is a human being?  Our culture views a human being as an exalted animal, the product of a mindless, mechanistic universe.  The Bible views a human being as a unique bonding of flesh and spirit made in the image of the Three-In-One creator of the universe.  To understand our humanity we must see the fingerprints of his divine being woven into our own.


Session 2 - Fallen

We are made just a little lower than the angels, crowned with glory and honour.  If so, why are we so broken.  We have an enemy.  We do not live in a spiritual vacant universe.  The Bible describes the process and destructive consequence of The Fall.  We explore the consequences of 'the fall' in understanding our brokenness and identify 'performance' and 'approval of others' as ways of coping with shame. We introduce the concept of 'personal truth'.


Session 3 - Addictions

Since we were made for heaven and for life in the presence of God we live in a deprived environment.  Something is missing.  As a result the wounded soul is set up for addiction. We describe the cycle of addiction, outline some of the expressions of addiction/compulsion, and discover the wisdom of Jesus in addressing the needs that drive the addictive process.  The concept of the Arena of Healing is introduced.


Session 4 - The Approval Trap

Empty, hurting hearts develop personal truths.  We review the importance of understanding the power of personal truths and describe the process of renewing the mind.  We unfold the dynamics of approval addiction, describe the symptoms and results of approval addiction, and explain God's answer in Jesus Christ:  the power of Reconciliation.


Session 5 – The Performance Trap

The performance trap is epitomised by trying hard to measure up.  We continue to expand our understanding of the Arena of Healing as we describe the indicators and results of 'try hard' behaviour.  Jesus Christ has provided the only effective answer to this defective personal truth:  amazing grace in the form of Justification.


Session 6 - Guilt and Shame

We describe the importance difference between guilt and shame as we unveil the defective personal truth in those who frequently feel they are hopeless.  God has a profound answer to this distressing emotional struggle:  the miracle of Regeneration.


Session 7 - Blame and Punishment

Made in the image of the moral Creator of heaven and earth we are moral beings.  We judge ourselves and we judge others.  From this flows the fear of punishment which manifest as a widely embraced defective personal truth – “people should get what they deserve”.  God has given the whole world an answer to the fear of punishment in the cross of Jesus Christ – the miracle of Propitiation.


Session 8 - Empowered for Healing

There is a sure and certain pathway to transformation – the renewing of our mind.  How does that happen?  What is the process?  We unfold the life-long process of growing in the grace of God.  It calls us to live in the Arena of Healing, exercise personal spiritual warfare, and experience the avenues for emotional healing the life in Christ has provided.


Helping our local communities find Christ through their brokenness remains one of the greatest untapped evangelistic tools available to the church today.

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